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Read me!

Dear customers,



Our production:

I will try to clarify why our wraps sometimes comes with smaller beauty flaws. I see that most of other brands also clarify this; 

That the fabric actually tells a story...beautifully imperfect...

Why are knots in my wrap? "The weavers knot" is said to be the smallest possible knot that is possible to make. It is used to attach the thread ends together. It is almost impossible to get up once it is connected. This is an art in itself and absolutely necessary for the work to be beautiful.

Loose ends and broken threads? The process of weaving machine becomes smoother, but there could still be correspondingly small irregularities like the hand woven wrap has such nodules and threads. We believe that our products should be unique, and therefore we choose this form of production rather than to mass produce goods without charm.

Automatic looms are fully automatic and produces thousands of feet without textile weavers present. These tissues used for very large productions without any weavers present. This is used for very large productions. We do not use these kind of looms and smaller imperfections do occur.

Please understand for all kinds of wraps we use the coarser (thicker yarn) yarn which are dyed.
In the yarn spinning process all yarn mills, spin up to a certain length as a cone or hang then they cut and make the next.

Whereas finer yarn ( thin yarn) may come in huge length which is not advisable to our product. Whereas it can be used for clothing, garments, knitted items like T shirts etc.

We chose to use thicker yarn to give you a more exclusive wrap, because all over it is a better product than a "perfect" wrap with much thinner yarn.

It is quite normal in thicker cotton yarn used materials.

We sincerely make all necessary steps to minimize these to the best level, but in fact it is impossible if we are still going to use thick, first class organic cotton.

We always do the best to our customers. But in this first class thick cotton, it is simply not possible to get a “perfect” result. This is the beauty of woven items, they are actually not mass produced, but unique in every way.

Slubs, nobs, pulls, knots have no effect on the safety or usability of a carrier.

So, when you receive your product and you find something you think is a flaw, in most cases it is not, it is a signature, a story of the fabric...

We should accept differences and devote the unique instead of worshiping a world where there is only room for the perfect.

Try to google "the beauty of woven items flaws" and you will see...



Good luck and carry with pride!

I really hope you still believe in us 


Best regards,

Benedicte Andreassen
Owner & designer