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The production

Why Ellevill decided to hold its production to India?

By definition, India is a democracy. Despite this, the community consists of large social and cultural differences. All products except wool is produced in India. India can not produce wool in large amounts and this is why we chose to produce all wool in China.

The factory that produces goods for Ellevill AS is concerned dignity and justice. They have more than 30 years experience in textile production and therefore have a good knowledge to give workers the best working conditions. Here are all equal. By adhering to the strict international standards that are set in relation to the production gives workers a fair treatment in terms of pay, working hours and environmental aspects. They mean that our products are the result of fair trade.

All items manufactured from 2011 is made of mercerized cotton. This is cotton that has been treated with sodium hydroxide to extract certain properties first discovered in 1851. When treated properly, mercerized cotton is stronger, smoother and shinier than regular cotton. In addition, it takes dye easily, so manufacturers can create rich color saturation in cotton.


A penny here and a penny there ...

We are willing to pay more for our goods if we can be of help in a positive direction. Production of textile in this manner is more expensive and makes our products more expensive. This means lower profits and higher prices. We strive nevertheless to put us at a cost that fits the market. It's important to us that we have a product we can be proud of than we should have the best possible profit.


Production from raw material to finished product is carefully planned. It used natural AZO free and eco-friendly colors of both environmental and health reasons.

Why are knots in my wrap? "The weavers knot" is said to be the smallest possible knote that is possible to make. It is used to attach the thread ends together. It is almost impossible to get up once it is connected. This is an art in itself and absolutely necessary for the work to be beautiful.

Loose ends and broken strands? The process of weaving machine becomes smoother, but there could still be correspondingly small irregularities like the hand woven wrap has such nodules and threads. We believe that our products should be unique, and therefore we choose this form of production rather than to mass produce goods without charm.

Automatic looms are fully automatic and produces thousands of feet without textile weavers present. These tissues used for very large productions.Auto looms is an automatic loom that produces thousands of meters textile without any weavers present. This is used for very large productions.