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Om Natalia

Natalia O'Shea is the official ELLEVILL model.


Natalia O'Shea aka Hellawes is the lead singer in the most popular Russian
folk-rock band "Melnitsa". The Scandinavian audience might associate the
band with the likes of Garmarna, Finntroll or even Varttina, but Melnitsa is
truly unique, because all the songs are composed by Natalia and her
colleagues and sung in Russian. The sound of the band combines rock drum and
bass with folk flutes and Celtic harp (which Natalia plays), supported by
electric cello.

Natalia was born in Russia and first became a linguist, studying
Scandinavian and Celtic languages, she even did a Ph.D. in Celtic studies.
However, she trained herself as folk and rock singer-songwriter in the
meantime, and managed to combine two works and make Melnitsa a success. She
married an Irish diplomat James O'Shea and gave birth to daughter Nina
Caitriona on 22 July 2008. The family currently lives in Switzerland. Even
though her academic career is now on hold, the musical activity is going on,
and the highly anticipated fourth CD of the band is due to appear in
February 2009.

Natalia is an avid babywearer, she travels all around the country with her
daughter in a wrap; baby Nina has already been on the alpine glaciers and
walked many miles along medieval cobblestoned streets with her mother. She
believes that babywearing suits her philosophy of life perfectly, as it is,
ultimately, all about love that we feel for each other. All her songs are
about love and its ways, and what better way to express your love for a
child than to be able to carry her in your arms and give her kisses whenever
you want to?
As the audience of Melnitsa comprises all genders and ages, they are a good
few young mothers among them, and Natalia hopes that her example can
encourage them to wear their babies, too, and sing her songs to them as they
go for long lovely walks together.